The Turek Law Firm has provided employment-related legal services to both employers and individuals since its formation in 2001. Douglas Turek has practiced in this area of law for more than twenty-five years.

The Turek Law Firm has represented Clients in virtually all settings including Administrative (such as the EEOC or state Employment Agency proceedings), Arbitration, Litigation and Appeal proceedings. The firm has Litigation and Appeal experience in both Federal and State courts.

With this extensive experience, The Turek Law Firm provides the following specific services to healthcare providers, companies and individuals:

Employment Services

Employment Contracts

Legal Support, Arbitration and Litigation with regard to the negotiation of, drafting of, and resolution of disputes related to employee contracts.

Employment Disputes

Legal Support, Arbitration, and Litigation relating to Employment Disputes including, without being limited to, the following disputes:

  • Wrongful Termination claims
  • Discrimination claims, including claims based on race, gender, age, sexual harassment, national origin, sexual orientation or any other protected category
  • Retaliation claims
  • Wage and Hour claims based on both Federal and State requirements
  • Unemployment claims and disputes
  • Workers' Compensation claims and disputes
  • Any other employment-related claims and disputes

Employment Investigations

Legal Support for Investigations into employee complaints or reports of wrongful employment related conduct.

Compliance Services

Internal Policies and Handbooks

Legal Support for the Drafting and Implementation of Internal Policies related to a Client’s employment practices and handbooks.

Internal Training

Legal Support for the Preparation and Implementation of a Client’s Internal Employment-Related Training.

The Turek Law Firm: Experience. Expertise. Results.

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